Client Reviews

Kruger National Park, Botswana, Caprivi and Victoria Falls

Nine leopards, lions mating and hunting buffalo, cheetah eating its kill, 271 species of birds and many of them photographed.  Elephants doing a river crossing, four African finfoot, Pel’s fishing owl, rock pratincole and southern carmine bee-eaters.  Wow Casper, you pulled out all the stops and delivered a superb 25-day trip that included Kruger, Caprivi, Chobe and Victoria Falls.  We now have months of photo editing to do.  Very happy Australian clients that appreciate your knowledge and ability to organise a great trip.

September 2023

Leoni, Trish, John and Adrian


Costa Rica 15-day Birding Trip

I have finally totalled up my list.  It seems as if I saw 445 species 233 were lifers. So an excellent result all round. 

The accommodations were all of a high standard and the food excellent. The transport and our driver was also first class. Hotel Robledal was great being so near the airport and with a good selection of birds to get started. (Actually we had two new species for the trip list there on the last day as well)

Alex, UK - Apr/May 2022

Central Ecuador including the Amazon Rainforest 19 days & Galapagos Island 9 days Birding Trip

We have just had the pleasure of spending 30 days with Casper in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. It was a most exhilarating experience, and one not to be missed. All travelling and accommodation arrangements ran very smoothly, with local guides providing outstanding photographic and ornithological skills, which made the whole trip an absolute pleasure to be part of. Nothing was too much trouble for Casper whose kind and patient personality was a bonus. We look forward to our next trip with Casper, which on past experience, will be another outstanding, and good value for money expedition.

530 species in total

- September/October 2021

Chris and Helen Gregory

South Africa

Central Ecuador including the Amazon Rainforest 19 days Birding Trip

What a wonderful tour, very well organised, extremely knowledgeable and helpful guides, comfortable accommodation, great food and a spectacular 459 lifers. We had such fun!! Thank you Casper and your team, the tour exceeded our wildest dreams.

September 2021

Trygve & Anne Hvidsten

South Africa

Thailand 16 Day Birding Trips

Thank you Casper Badenhorst for making this 16 day Thailand trip such a memorable experience. Taken in mid January. So many birds, so many colors, so many kilometers. So many photos to edit 😁 Such an experience not to be missed. Just do it. 😊

Wendy Cook


Leoni, Wendy and myself did this trip with Casper in January, just before the world closed down with coronavirus issues. Casper is a "bird spotting machine" and a great trip organiser. This trip was very different from an African safari that we previously did with him but it was equally awesome. Three months later and we are still working on all the photos that we took in Thailand

John Fennell

South Australia

The trip was truly a lifetime best. Both guides, though different, were absolutely excellent,also good fun and laughed at my jokes. Accommodation too was all very good. My birder friend enjoyed the seclusion of the Biyamiti camp most, where Leon cooked us two great barbecues.
He would have preferred to have done more at the Kruger but we saw a lot, even around the camp. We loved the fynbos areas of the Cape, the Karroo and generally everything!

Martin Harris

UK. 14 Day Kruger, Swaziland, KwaZulu Natal and Cape Birding Safari

We enjoyed very much to travel with you- not just because you had so much knowledge and guiding skills- but also because it was so nice to have a good company with such a fine person.
14 day Okavango, Caprivi, Chobe and Victoria Falls

Daniel Binder

Switzerland. 14 day Okavango, Caprivi, Chobe and Victoria Falls

We are slowly, slowly returning to everyday life at home. We live in a beautiful town on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, but we still long for the intense blue skies and red earth of South Africa. Our days birding with you were truly a highlight of our trip–thank you for your gracious hospitality and excellent guiding. Chris is chained to the computer sorting 13,000+ photos. I’m attempting to put together a decent set of bird images to show my birding friends. Hope you are well and enjoying the winter birding. Thanks in advance,

Rebecca Coulter

Santa Barbara, USA. Blyde River Canyon and Kruger Birding Day Trips

“A list that typifies the chanciness of birding! Sheer luck on great rarities like African Finfoot that was seen exceptionally well and photographed in an atypical habitat. Other rarities were due to persistence (e.g. African Emerald Cuckoo) or persistence and expert local knowledge. Unseasonable dry weather at Ndumo and pouring rain at Marieskop led to many fewer birds than expected at these sites. Inevitably there are some missing common birds that should have been seen but eluded us despite our best efforts . All credit to Casper Badenhorst for choosing an excellent itinerary and for being an exemplary and knowledgable companion. A list of 400+ is quite acceptable!”

Dr Jeremy Robertson

School of Biological Sciences, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia. 14 Day Kwazulu Natal, Swaziland and Kruger Park Birding Safari

“Wow, wow, wow” were the words that we all used when a lioness and her five cubs came to within 4 metres of us at a reflection pool hide at and stayed long enough for us to get many photos. But these words are also appropriate to describe our entire trip with Casper Badenhorst through Natal, Swaziland, Kruger and Blyde River canyon. With Casper’s skills and knowledge we saw over 250 species of bird which is a good total for 17 days in winter and also a wide range of mammals and other wildlife. Casper is also a keen photographer and knew exactly how to position the vehicle to maximise our chances of getting good shots and we got plenty. We met Casper as customers and departed as good friends. Highly recommended and we are so pleased that we made this trip and will hope to make another in the near future. Leoni and John (South Australia)

John Fennell & Leoni South

Australia, 18-day Birding and Wildlife Safari

We just can’t begin to thank you enough for looking after us so well while we were in Kruger NP. Not only did you show us so many birds, animals, plants, insects, reptiles, etc., but you also put up with our incessant questions. We had a wonderful time and we’ll do our best to refer clients to your new business venture. It is very beautiful here in the Drakensberg. You’d be very proud of us — we have seen elands and blesbok, and positively identified Red Bishop, Fiscal Shrike, Double Collared Sun Birds, Red winged Starlings, Grey headed sparrows, and Speckled Mousebirds, among others. Alas, no vultures to date. We’ve had several great hikes with fantastic scenery.

Gale and Jody

USA & New Zeeland, 5 day Kruger Park Safari

Thanks ! This three days were amazing, we still have all these birds in our eyes. I had a look to your website : great ! We are handling now probably several thousand pictures (the directory uses 63 Go on the HDD) and will send you some when selected and processed. Attached is just a sample (resized and made brighter but with no modification of colours; some noise reduction will be useful in the final treatment). Looking forward to meet you again in South Africa or around.

Patrice & Ghislane Nortier

France, 3 Day Blyde River Canyon and Kruger trip

We are back in the Netherlands again after a great holiday in your beautiful South Africa. It was a great experience and pleasure to have you as our guide and are so happy that we met you and your family. We have very much enjoyed your enthusiasm and love for birds, wildlife and nature and the way you showed us everything. It was really special and we discovered quickly that this was not a common thing. Yes, the people in on our last stay were kind, but their connection to wildlife and nature was a bit different as it was more a routine. If we ever come across people who like to go to the Kruger and looking for a good guide, we will surely recommend you.

Aukelien & Bart-Jan

The Nederlands