• sound safari


Whether it is the whoop of a hyena, the alarm snort of an impala or the song of a bird, sound is one of the most important forms of communication. The range is infinite and can provide a huge amount of information from the simplest to the most complex. Using sound, animals can find a mate, look after offspring, deal with competition, locate food sources or warn of danger. On the negative side, sound is susceptible to interference from factors such as wind, vegetation and humidity and may draw attention to the caller from enemies as well as friends.



Our sound safari activity begins with an audio-visual presentation on the world of sound – introducing guests to some of the ingenious ways animals get their message across to be heard by the right individuals.

A game-drive vehicle is fitted with our sound equipment (microphones clamped onto the bulbar or folded down windscreen) and guests are connected with individual headphones to listen in to nature's orchestra.

We include (a minimum of) 2 game drives – an afternoon and morning to maximise time in the field and to cover the full range of a sound day – covering the dawn chorus through to night sounds.

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